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Monitoring and Analysing

Transport Stream Monitor

The TSM 1770 Transport Stream Monitor allows you to monitor compressed audio, video, and data services, in real-time, on any terrestrial broadcast, cable head-end, satellite feed, or telco network. Plus, the TSM 1770 provides detailed MPEG-2 analysis for complete system confidence.

IPTV Analyser

IPTV analysers are powerful, modular MPEG-2 analyzing platforms that can help solve your transport stream problems by allowing you to create, generate, monitor, and analyze MPEG-2 transport streams

IPTV Monitor

IP-Probes are blade based continuous monitoring platforms with applications in any network where digital video is carried across IP infrastructure. Built specifically to industry needs, these network service tools are ideal for both pure IPTV networks and hybrid networks with IP transport cores such as digital cable and terrestrial networks.

RF Analyser

RF adapters allow you to tune any UHF/VHF, or cable channel and record MPEG-2 Transport Streams directly to your laptop for easy field testing or recording.