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Modulation and Sources


Modulators exist in different flavours depending on the requirements : some are designed to give you full control of your video content for both analog and digital video receivers in a variety of applications including in-store demonstrations, special events, and product testing. With the ongoing need to increase bitrate efficiency, some modulators will provide more bits per Hz. Some are designed to be low cost.

Digital Media Streamer

Digital Media Streamers will take any MPEG-2 or H.264 compliant transport stream and stream it out via a variety of output choices. They can handle multiple inputs and outputs. Since the introduction of Digital Television, Sencore has provided retailers, manufacturers, laboratories, and product designers with professional MPEG Transport Stream players and streamers for digital signage, retail TV-wall, product testing and tradeshow applications.

Transport Stream Server

Real-Time Software Mux/Demux
The TSS 3530A Transport Stream Server integrates a real-time software multiplexer. This powerful functionality can extract one or several programs from the incoming multiplexes and record this selected content to the harddrive. New multiplexed content can be produced from a combination of live and file sources.