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    Training sessions is one of the key functions of PICCS. The well experienced PICCS team can offer you any training course you need in any format you prefer.
    From time to time PICCS organizes open training courses where everybody can subscribe. Ranging from Home Theater enthusiastic, over dealer/installer up to people in the R&D world attend these sessions. Sometimes a local distributor wants to setup a session for his dealers. In some occasions, a manufacturer hires us to teach inhouse classes.

    Video training courses (

    1. Entry level Video course

    This one day training is meant for people that are not yet familiar with video or for those who want to refresh their knowledge. Its the intention to spend sufficient time on explaining how video is constructed and used. This course is a preparation on the full ISF course.

    2. ISF training

    ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) is an organization that tries to maximize the performance of each video product, all over the world. In first place, we think about flatscreens and video projectors. Newly bought devices perform already quite well but mostly they are not well aligned.
    In this training, we teach people how to see and experience colours and we go in more depth about different technologies. With this knowledge we take the next step in calibrating displays.
    At the end of the training there is a small hands on session.
    In the end, its the intention that you can calibrate a flatscreen and a projector but next to that, you also understand what is going on. In this way, you can answer professionally potential questions from your customers.
    Afterwards, you have the possibility to participate to the ISF test. This test allows you to earn the ISF certificate.
    For these trainings, we strongly recommend you already have a basic knowledge about video. If you are not sure you are at the right level, you can always follow the entry level course.

    3. Hands on session

    Even with the small hands on session during the ISF training, we see that for a lot of installers and calibrators there is not enough exercise. We received quite some feedback to get more practice.
    Therefore, we organize this very practical oriented day.

    THX training courses (

    1. Home Theater 1 Introduction to THX and Home Theater

    With an introduction to THX and Home Theater, this workshop offers an overview of home theater design and acoustics, including a review of the latest product technologies and THX certification programs.
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    2. Home Theater 2 Home Theater Design and Tuning

    Building upon the Home Theater 1 workshop, this Home Theater Design and Tuning course provides in-depth training on room acoustics and design, wall treatments and isolation, and AV hardware selection and placement. Hands-on training techniques are incorporated into this comprehensive program - detailing system setup, speaker positioning and audio calibration.
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    3. Video Calibration Professional Video Systems Calibration

    The Professional Video Systems Calibration workshop is the most in-depth and comprehensive video training for CE professionals today. The workshop includes one day of classroom instruction and two full days of hands-on calibration training, followed by an online exam. By participating, you will gain an in-depth understanding of video system setup and calibration, as well as increased technical knowledge on the physics of video and how it relates to psycho-visual perception. Once you successfully complete this program you are eligible to offer THX Certified Video Systems Calibration services to your customers.
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