PICCS is a service organisation that is fully independent from any display manufacturer or distributor, and offers a range of services to the serious Home Cinema enthusiast or professional:

What PICCS is NOT doing is the following :

  • We do NOT sell, rent or lease any display or other Home Cinema equipment. As it is our mantra to stay fully independent, we do not sell any product at all. If necessary, we can advise you on where you could possible buy the recommended equipment in your neighbourhood.
  • We do NOT repair any broken displays or other equipment. Repair and on-board maintenance has become such a specialised function that is dedicated for every single brand that we as an independent can not keep track of. Moreover, most of these high tech electronics are covered by long manufacturer warranties that can only get void when non-qualified technicians try to get the unit fixed. If your display of a specific brand needs repair, please address yourself to the closest service point available.